2014–2016 Los Cerritos District
  Executive Committee

President: Ruby Cure
1st VP-Dean: Barbee Heiny   
2nd VP-Membership: Judy Dessel   
3rd VP-Program: Jane Hendricks   
4th VP-Fundraising: Elisa Trasoras   
Recording Secretary: Julie Lehenbauer   
Corresponding Secretary: Pat Martin   
Treasurer: Vicki Holden   
Financial Secretary: Gerda Trutzl   
Parliamentarian: Alice Allen
Public Relations: Linda Jones



Long Beach Ronald McDonald House

Providing Sustainability

for our House

The dream of opening the Long Beach Ronald McDonald House is now a reality. The House provides a community of support to ensure that families far from home have the resources they need in order to focus on their number one priority: healing their sick child.

While we ask families to pay just $25 - $35 per night, the average cost of sustaining the House is $125 per family, per night and we never turn a family away, regardless of their ability to pay. In order to make up the difference and continue to support our mission, we rely on philanthropic gifts from those in our community. We believe the love and support of family is as powerful as the strongest medicine prescribed.

Our District Project

Los Cerritos District

"Children are the Future of Federation"